New Jhall Site

Welcome to the new Jhallcomics! It's been a long time coming, and after being held back by my own incompetence and laziness, I've finally reconstructed my site with consumer ease of use in mind. To see how far we come, please come take a trip down memory lane with me and witness previous incarnations of Jhallcomics.

Pregnant women and anyone with a heart condition is advised to leave this page immediately.


Oh. OH GOD NO. I have no one but myself to blame for The Green Menace. It's not my fault, I just thought black and lime green was a cool combo,

Ok I still think that.

The horrendous design choices aside, it was a really big step for me and my career. I owe this accomplishment to the help of friends and living rent free with my parents - which I'll never forget. It was a successful first launch, and by bringing my existing Deviantart audience over I began to see some great exposure. With this influx of visitors I decided the site I designed was bad and I should feel bad.

I put out feelers for anyone who could help me design a site that didn't suck shit, and was pleasantly surprised that a talented designer wanted to offer his services. Thomas van Dongen whipped up a killer look for the redesign that I loved, and my boy Parish Matrix'd up the backend to make the internet happen or something. The main page now had the latest two comics displayed with the three individual comic pages underneath, and I created graphics to compliment the chalkboard aesthetic.

v2 homepage.JPG

It was slick, and was great for the years I used it. However, there were minor issues that I needed to address and it still felt too cumbersome for my needs - especially compared to other webcomics. And with the huge surge of indie comic creators in the last few years it became even more apparent that I was an ugly old dinosaur that made you throw up when you looked at it's diseased face.

Instead of relying on friends and strangers to hold my hand through the website building process, I decided to pull up my Big Boy Pants and do it on my own. I looked up Wordpress, and quickly gave up. I downloaded the Comicpress add on, and quickly gave up. But then I remembered the ads on all my favorite podcasts ... Squarespace. It was easy to build a professional website, they said.

They were right. Squarespace fucking owns.

However it was clear that Squarespace did not have webcomics in mind; as gorgeous as their templates were, they serviced photographers and small businesses and did not have the tools built in for my needs. I read that there were successful webcomics that used Squarespace, but I could not figure out how they turned a blog template into a usable comic.

With all the tools Squarespace offers, SURELY they had to have some plugin for comic artists, right? When I Googled it there was only one name that returned: Clay Yount. Some angel straight from heaven took it upon himself to share his ethereal knowledge, and CSS, to us lowly plebeians. I used his tutorials and code injections and before I knew it I was off and running. FINALLY after all this time I found a solution that worked and I could make the website I had been trying to for months.

First thing you'll notice, no more "Unsorted." Those comics are now, like they have always been in everything but categorical name, just Jhallcomics. Now when you go to you will see an actual comic and won't have to click through to another page. Also, it was very easy to create an archive page with all my comic series, and even a search. The dates of the comics kind of don't matter right now since everything was uploaded within the last week, but I kept them in order.

I kept everything that worked from the last iteration of the site and tried to make it more streamlined and accessible. Best of all, my site is mobile ready and doesn't look like charbroiled ass on your phone. There will be minor, cosmetic alterations as time progresses and I get a better feel of the site, but otherwise you're looking at the final version (at the moment) of Jhallcomics.

The entire point of this was to be proud of how my site looked, to help me get back into making comics for it. I loved the old site, don't get me wrong, but it was time to move into the new millennium. With this new found energy for my personal projects I hope I can continue promoting my site, and in the near future that may mean ads will be appearing - don't fret, I'll make them as unobtrusive as possible, but please realize that this is the reality of internet content creators and don't be a huge asshole about it.

Thank you all for your continued support, I hope I can be worthy of the love you have shown me over the years!