High Aspirations

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I'm sure he'll have a use for you one day, little guy!


You ever get stuck in a battle and the Pokemon won't just let you leave? They use the most annoying attacks and somehow evade death long enough for you to get so mad you just capture them out of spite and leave them to rot in the PC. Think about it, it's the most brutal torture: if you defeat them in battle, they'll heal up eventually and be back to flapping around, if you just run away then nothing changes, if you capture them and release them then they are back in the wild to bask in the sun and play hop scotch. But keep them in the PC and you take away their whole world, their whole reason to be. They sit there in the dark, wondering if you will ever come back to either use them, let them go, or give them the sweet release of death.

And it never comes. IT NEVER COMES.


ps: watch me draw this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBWL4vMRR7o

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